Hello and about the author

Hi everyone. My name is Kevin Aghaei. I am a Mechanical Engineer by degree, but I also experiment with electronics on my free time. My interests include engines (piston, rotary, turbine.. you name it), open source IOT (Internet of Things) projects, Nixie tubes and other types of old and unique displays, and firearms to name a few. I also have a YouTube channel where I upload related videos here. My interests span across a wide variety of engineering related subjects. Every waking moment I am thinking about how to solve one technical challenge or another. Some might consider that obsessive… and that is absolutely true.

I decided to make a personal website for the sole purpose of sharing my projects with others online. I have learned most of my practical knowledge through online tutorials and forums of those doing similar projects. As many misuses as there are for the internet, it is a extremely powerful tool for those with the desire and ability to wield it. As I continue to evolve as an engineer, I would like to share my discoveries so that other creators may benefit from the lessons I have learned.


Below: 45nm quad core processor die shot (AMD ‘Deneb’ Phenom II X4)

4030 / Die

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