New manufacture nixie tube – ZIN18


The eastern-bloc IN-18 nixie tube (pictured above, tube on the right) has long been a popular choice for nixie enthusiasts worldwide. It features a larger than average 40 millimeter (1.57 inch) digit height, true “5” digit (not an recycled upside-down “2” cathode), and long life thanks to mercury doping. However, like most nixies, it is no longer produced as it originally was. Prices have been steadily increasing over the years as supply shrinks and demand grows.

Enter the ZIN-18. Like Dalibor Farny and the revival of the jumbo German Z5680M nixie, Ukranian native Olga Kurilenko has worked to revive the IN-18 with a modern twist. The resulting ZIN-18 tube features a 44 millimeter (1.73 inch) digit height, and is quite reminiscent of the older tube from which it was modeled. Here is the kickstarter page for the ZIN-18 project:








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